City of Light

Camino prequel day 2 over and feet are up!!! I am shattered and haven’t even started. After a morning Eurostar from London to Paris, quick check in at the last 3 star hotel for a long time, Sam and I caught the metro to the Eiffel Tower. We baked in the near 30C battling security and purchasing tickets to the top. Worth it. 

    Seeking shelter from the heat, we caught the Batobus (hop on / hop off water ferry) to Notre Dame! 

    Waited on line, passed through more security, and entered the sanctuary. Breathtaking. Took the moment to meditate and pray. Though not sure that checking one’s social media or chatting counted as prayer. Yes. People actually do that in churches. Not me. 

    Hopped back on the ferry. Took in more sights. Chatted with an American couple. She in a wheelchair with a recent broken ankle / he making sure that didn’t ruin the holiday. So lovely on the Seine, we didn’t hop off!!!

    Dinner on the Left Bank. Followed by a summer shower. Perfect. 

    I need to leave my civilian life behind, I am ready. Tomorrow we arrive in St Jean, and life as a pilgrim begins.


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