Feeling invincible 

Day 2

Roncesvalles – Zubiri 

21 kilometres 

Parted today fully fleeced and waterproofed. Another day of rain, with much less pain. The walk was wet and I stayed warm and dry. After yesterday’s slog, today, the Camino was mostly gentle and undulating. Only problem I had? How to eat my packed lunch? Not so nice picnicing in the rain. Solution? Stop in the first welcoming bar! Tea and tortilla with the locals! 

After a nasty steep descent into Zubini. I am catching up with the virtual world. 

Walking alone is amazing. I have met wonderful people who seem to just come and go as we walk. Even walked the last hour today with my new friend Aidan from Valley Steam! 

I am booked into the hostel, nested, showered and now waiting for dinner. 

And I just heard my new Italian friend’s voice, got to find her! Back to my real world! 


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