Long days walking 

And they are starting to blend together!! 

So here is a epic 3 day catch up!!! 

Today I crossed into Rioja and marked 100 MILES on the trail! Cumalitive, I am at 1/5 of the way to Santiago. No blisters. Joined up with Aidan from Valley Stream the morning I left Puente la Reina. He passed as I sipped a coke and sat for a coffee. Along came some more. Lady is the photo next to him? Her sister in Ireland worked at Aidan’s pub! Camino story of the day. His travelling partner Rick got food poisoning from dodgy chicken so we have been moving along the Way helping each other. Bonus? Had to trade hostels for B&Bs for Rick and his bags. All recovered he joined us walking today!

I have met so many wonderful people and food never tasted so good. All this walking works up an appetite. 

Tonight in Logroño for the festa de San Matteo. Think wine festival. 

Off tomorrow for a 30 km walk… 

Total km covered since last post? About 80. 

Total since the start??? Too tired to do the math. Though I do know I have 653 km or 406 miles to go to Santiago!

Thought of the day?

If you open your heart to the world, it opens right back to you. 


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