Baptism by rain and pain

Day 1 

St Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles 

25 kilometres / 1430 meter ascent 

Left Sam Friday morning and started the trek up and over the Pyrenees. I felt completely ready to tackle the mountains.  The weather was mild and clouds were giving way to sun. 

Met several interesting people and animals – even – one Aidan from North Valley Stream! Even graduated from HS like me – in 1984!! The inside family joke had became a reality. First stop to refill my water pouch… There he was, usual conversation, where are you from? Bam. I left him and pushed on felling great, making better than expected time ….


As I left France and crossed into Spain the clouds came, and so did the rain. 10 long hours after I started, I arrived into Roncesvalles, and booked into tbe holstel. I had dinner with 4 lovely ladies, like me walking alone. Hungarian, American, Dutch and Italian! To me, food never tasted so good, I was hungry! One of the young ladies said on average a pilgrim burns 4000 calories a day. I must have burned double that!! 

And my first ever night in a hostel. Uneventful. It was welcoming, clean and bed comfy. Don’t ask who was sleeping in the next bed! 


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