Quarter of the way to Santiago 

Day 10 – Belorado

342 miles to Santiago 

Days blend along  the Way.  I am walking amongst my tribe,  all ages from every walk of life and nation. Still marching in step with Aidan from N Valley Stream and Rick with Diane at my side. Today we were joined by many. I will let the photos speak my words .. For I am drinking my deserved beer. 

Walked with Mighty Martha from Westbury, LI – As well as Noah from Washington State – the youngest pilgrim I have met! 11 years old, walking with dad meeting mom and grandpa whom are one week ahead on the Way to Santiago! 

Today we met up again Phoebe and Dominic from Bedford Styvasent, newlywed musicians on their honeymoon making music and lifelong memories along the Way. Their love, endless optimism, and bluegrass fusion infect us all! 

My thought for today … 

Open your heart to the world, it might welcome and reward you with its hidden treasures. 

Buen Camino a todas!! 

Ultreia, Suseia !!

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