Lessons on the Way

Day 11 – Atapuerca 

32 km / 19.8 miles done / many many more to go

A wise man said to me – If you are open and mindful the Way will speak to you. 

Today it told me – You cannot beat the Camino, nor race to the finish.  

At my first stop this morning I met  two American ladies who I first bumped into while eating lunch with Sam at the Burgandy train station. Both were on a tight schedule to finish. Fit. And with an ambitious plan to Santiago. Now, after walking at a pace that put them two days ahead of me and my tribe… They are planning their trip home. One sat to rest, got up, and her knees gave in. 

Met another pilgrim walking with a broken wrist. How? She climbed on a hay stack to get a photo, fell, caught her hand in baler twine.

Today I learned … Walk following  your heart. Not another’s pace. Listen to your body. And, most of all, leave your ego behind. 

Tomorrow a short walk to Burgos to see the city and regroup. As the sign below indicates, everyday we walk are closer to Santiago. 

I have great 3G – enjoy the photos! 

Buen Camino!!!

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